Hand Held Massage Unit

Handheld Massager

Handheld Massager

The Niagara Therapy Handheld Massage Unit can be used all over the body and is perfect for targeting joint and muscle pain.

This fully electric massager comes complete with a rubber cup attachment which can be placed over your elbow, ankle or knee allowing you to apply a soothing, pain free, massage.

Like all of Niagara Therapy’s massage machines, the Handheld Massage uses the latest Cyclo Massage technology which provides deep tissue pain relief without aggravating tender muscles and joints.

Operating the hand unit

As the handheld massage unit is fully electric it will need to be plugged into the mains.

It has one simple control which is located at the tail end. To switch on the massage unit you have to turn the control knob clockwise.

To increase the intesity of the massage, simply turn the control knob further round.

There are four letters on the side of the tail:

O for OFF,
L for LOW,
H for HIGH.

To switch off the Hand Unit, turn the control knob fully anticlockwise until a click from the built in switch is felt and pointer is opposite O for OFF.

Hand Unit Attachments

Two different rubber cup attachments are supplied with the Hand Unit.

The standard rubber cap is for application to shoulder, ankle, elbow and knee joints and other bony areas.

For a head massage a special rubber cup with soft bristles is designed to give a relaxing scalp massage.

Using the Hand Unit

The round end of the Hand Unit should be used for fleshy and muscular areas of the body.

The smaller pointed end is designed to relieve bony areas and joints with the rubber cup attachment.

For stiffer joints and especially sore muscles, the unit should be used for around 20 minutes followed by exercising of the problem area.