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Muscle Pain Relief

Now that we know a bit more about what’s wrong, which of the following options best describes the type of pain you have?

What is Muscle Pain?

Muscle aches and pain or soreness can result from other medical conditions, injury or infection or overuse causing damage and soreness. This can be localised to a specific area or group of muscles or to a limb or larger parts of the body it can result in muscle tension, stiffness and stress.

Key signs that there's a problem

  • Chronic pain or ache.

  • Muscle stiffness and tension.

  • Muscle fatigue.

  • Lack of joint mobility due to muscle tightness


Treating Back Muscle Tension

Muscle pain can occur due to overuse or stress of a muscle or a medical condition preventing use of a muscle or using incorrect muscles to compensate for a health problem.


How Niagara Therapy Can Help

This type of pain can often leave sufferers unable to move easily due to muscle tension and pain, with the help of NHC Cyclo-Therapy to help pain symptom relief, you could enjoy increased mobility and a more active lifestyle.

The gentle massage action of our technology works to reduce pain and relaxes the muscle groups, removing any oedema from the affected area. By reducing muscle tightness, pain symptoms can reduce.

We won’t claim to be able to cure and health condition causing muscle pain, but our proven technology* can help to manage the pain symptoms and that may improve your mobility. Our drug free therapy works by producing a soothing deep tissue massage to the affected area, which also helps to stimulate blood circulation.

Reducing pain and inflammation and relieve muscle tension in the affected area. This could enable you to improve your comfort of living and, over time, may help to improve your mobility.

Interested in a free home demonstration? Get in touch using the button below and let us know when we can visit.

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