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Back Pain Relief

Niagara’s NHC Cyclo-Therapy is a class IIa certified* medical product. The gentle therapy action created by cycloidal vibration in our products can provide pain symptom relief for such as upper and lower back pain and can relax the muscle groups in the affected areas.

Symptoms of Back Pain

There are a wide variety of symptoms for back pain. It can be mild, merely annoying, or it can be debilitating and severe. The following are some of the most common symptoms of back pain:

  • Back pain that travels from the lower back to the buttocks, sometimes into the feet or lower legs

  • Dull or achy pain along the spine

  • A swelling or a deformity in the back

  • Muscle spasms and tightness in the lower back

  • Pain that gets worse after prolonged sitting or standing

Reduce Inflammation in Lower Back Pain Relief

Inflammation can be another cause of lower back pain. People who suffer from inflammation are willing to try any lower back pain relief product to get a few hours of relief. Inflammation can be caused by torn or strained muscles. When back muscles are torn or strained, the area around the muscle becomes inflamed and can cause muscle spasms. This can cause severe lower back pain and difficulty moving.

The Cyclo-Therapy massage function helps stimulate skin and soft tissue blood flow, which brings necessary nutrition to the area. This can help reduce inflammation and swelling symptoms which may help to reduce back muscle spasms, improve range of motion, and provide pain relief.

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Treating Back Muscle Tension

Muscle tension, spasms or strains are one of the major causes of lower back pain. There are many back pain products in the market that claim to provide relief from back pain caused by muscle spasms and tension.

Niagara’s Cyclo-Therapy is a drug free therapy that provides effective symptom relief for back pain when applied on or around the affected area. The cycloidal vibration of Cyclo-Therapy deeply penetrates tissues, blocking pain signals, decreasing muscle tension, relaxing the muscles, and improving flexibility. This in return can result in pain relief due to back pain caused by muscle tightness.


NHC Cyclo-Therapy

In order to improve upper, middle or lower back pain, keeping mobile and active is essential. However, here at Niagara we understand that this can often be a challenge.

Our Cyclo-Therapy Cyclopad and Handheld Massager are clinically tested* therapy products that can help reduce pain symptoms due to upper and lower back pain. Our unique, drug-free products can be applied to the affected area, giving a soothing massage effect and helping improve blood circulation, blocking pain signals and relieve muscle tension, while at the same time helping your body to naturally repair itself – so you feel more like yourself again.

The gentle massage action of our technology helps to reduce pain and relaxes the muscle groups and can reduce swelling in the affected areas. Pain in almost all cases, including radiating pain, may significantly reduce by the blocking of pain signals and the reduction in muscle tightness.

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What is back pain?

Most people will experience some kind of back pain in their life, but for those who suffer ongoing back pain, life can be crippling. It is most common in the lower back (lumbago), although it can be felt anywhere along your spine from your neck down to your hips.

Causes of back pain?

Due to the complex structure of the back, it can often be difficult to find the exact location and reason for the pain. However, back pain is most commonly caused by major strained muscles, sprains, strained ligaments, muscle spasms and injuries during everyday activities (such as improperly lifting something or lifting something too heavy), as well as when a nerve becomes pinched or irritated.

The things which cause muscle spasms or strains include:

  • Improperly lifting something

  • Lifting something too heavy


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