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Pain Relief Therapy

NHC-Cyclo Pain Relief Therapy provides effective pain relief from back and neck pain as well as Arthritis, muscular and Fibromyalgia Pain. With over 50 years of experience, our pain relief therapy are certified
medical products* and used in the NHS. To find out more, download a FREE brochure!

Try our technology, completely free!

We understand the short and long term effects that back pain, as well as arthritic, fibromyalgia and muscle pains can have on your day-to-day life.

You may feel debilitated, frustrated and even depressed, but thanks to our revolutionary NHC-Cyclo pain relief therapy, one of our leading drug-free pain relief solutions, you can enjoy effective pain relief and most importantly take back control, just like the 100,000 other people we have helped feel better.

We’re ready when you are. To book a free home demonstration or download your free brochure, click below and we’ll be in touch shortly to have a chat.

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50 Years experience


Proven to help with

medical ailments

Class IIa medically


Made in

the UK

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