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NHC Cyclo-Therapy Pad

Designed for those with shoulder, leg and back symptomatic pain our Cyclopad delivers all the soothing relief of our NHC Cyclo-Therapy massage in a portable and easy to use pad.

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The Summary

  • Cycloid-Action delivers clinically proven symptomatic pain relief

  • Includes a long-reach power cable

  • Intuitive remote control for easy use

  • The versatile design means it can be used for all types of body pain

  • This therapy pad is VAT free

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Though primarily designed as a back massager for back pain relief, the Niagara Therapy Cyclopad is versatile and can be used to help in many different ways:

  • Placed under your legs or thigh to help relieve hip / upper and or lower leg pain.

  • Place under your legs to improve your circulation in your lower legs and ankles.

  • Sat against to soothe lower back problems and conditions such as coccyx pain.

  • Laid on or placed on chair backs to relieve upper back and shoulder pain.

The Therapy Cyclopad is created with our unique NHC Cyclo-Massage system inside, this massage systems offers drug free pain relief by gently easing away aches, pains and cramps without applying pressure that may cause discomfort.

Portable, comfortable and easy to use, the Therapy Cyclopad can be used anywhere in your home, at a friends or family members house or even on holiday.



Width: 36cm

Height: 60cm

Cleaning: “Can easily be cleaned by the user no complex cleaning instructions”

Material: Antimicrobial Vinyl

Primary Function: Deliver therapy to the user in the form of vibration

Vibration Range: Vibration range of the current CSTP is 35Hz to 75Hz

Time function: This allows the user to safely set the timed therapy for the device in a range from 5 minutes up to 60 minutes in 5 minute intervals.

Therapy Functions: “Polymodulation Option – allow the user to select a function allowing the pad to gently increase and decrease in speed

Cycloid actions: allow the user to select a function allowing the pad to deliver a constant (single phase) therapy. ”

Speed (Intensity): The user can select 9 steps of speed and within these 9 steps, increments can be made up in steps of 0.1 until the next step is achieved. At step 9 this will only increment up to 9.5.

User Display: Two displays are present (time & speed) to ensure the output of the device can be shown to the user



“The NHC Cyclo-Therapy Pad has been extremely helpful. I found that since using it I did not need to use as many painkillers! It has helped in relieving the aches and pains I experience. I am overall happy with my purchase of the Therapy Pad.” – Mr Drake, from Bradford

“I have been using the NHC Cyclo-Therapy Cyclopad for nearly two weeks now to treat the aches and pains I suffer in my hips. From using the pad twice a day, I have quickly noticed a difference as the pain has gone down and my ability to walk and get around has also improved. Purchasing the NHC Therapy Pad has certainly been money well spent”.- Mrs Scott, from Bradford


“I have been using the NHC Cyclo-Therapy Pad for only a few weeks and can already feel a difference. The sales agent Mike was very helpful and is due to visit me soon to see how I am getting on with the Therapy Pad. I feel that the pain has definitely eased since using the product.” – Mrs Back, from Kent


“I have found the NHC Cyclo-Therapy Pad has been effective in relieving the pain I experienced because of a broken elbow and the subsequent aches in my hand. The massage system has encouraged circulation and general mobility. I am really impressed by the difference I have felt through using the Therapy Pad.”- Mrs Jackson, from Norfolk


“I am happy with the NHC Cyclo-Therapy Pad I have purchased from Niagara Therapy. I have been using the pad 2 times a day for 30 minutes and felt the effect of the product. I initially purchased the Therapy Pad as I experience cramps, pins and needles and general pain. With the pad I feel I am walking better and more confidently.”

 “I am impressed by the service I have received from Niagara, I had an issue where the control button was not working- this was quickly and professionally resolved without issue and I was sent a replacement. I am very happy I chose to purchase from Niagara Therapy.” – Mrs Grainger, from Sheffield


’I have found the NHC Cyclo Therapy Pad to be helping me tremendously for my back. I use it twice a day,  it helps me loosen up my spine,  when I walk it is less painful, it has given me a lot of relief and my life a little bit easier. The Therapy Pad has helped me walk better and further.  I didn’t expect the delivery to be very fast as it arrived the following day. I am more than pleased with my Therapy Pad!’’ – Mr Cartwright, from Rugeley

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